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Nadine Curtis of 7 on Locust is Embracing the Boho Lifestyle + Road Twenty-Two Holiday Trunk Show

Nadine Curtis of 7 on Locust, Mill Valley

Nadine Curtis, owner and curator of Mill Valley’s celebrated boutique 7 on Locust knows a thing or two about style and design—it’s evident as you browse the wares of this chic and fanciful space. Candles shaped like cameras, colorful cashmere ponchos, fringed clutches and gold leaf cuffs are a mere smattering of the treasures that line the shelves, all evidence of Nadine’s penchant for innovative design.

Passionate about eclectic style, culture and travel, Nadine has succeeded in making 7 on Locust more than just a boutique; it’s a vibrant art space that welcomes expressions of creativity in their many varied forms.

Stop by on Thursday as 7 on Locust hosts a trunk show for the new shirt line, Road Twenty-Two.

What: Road Twenty-Two Holiday Trunk Show

When: Thursday, December 18, 3:00 to 7:00 pm.

Where: 7 on Locust Boutique, 7 Locust Ave., Mill Valley

7 on Locust
Road Twenty-Two Trunk Show at 7 on Locust
7 on Locust

Magic Carpets

Medallion Rug Gallery

Do you believe in magic carpets? You should. After all, it’s pretty magical that one single item inserted in your home can have such a visually stunning effect. But with rugs, it’s true. The vibrant colors and swirling patterns of rugs handcrafted by artisans in India, China, Pakistan and Iran can create an immediate ambiance in your home, as Aram Amid-Hozour, owner of Medallion Rug Gallery in Palo Alto can tell you.

For the past 35 years, this family run business has pursued excellence in the area rug industry, offering clients a spectrum of products to work with homes and spaces large and small. Medallion carries both handmade and machine made rugs, Persian rugs and antique rugs, and offers a menu of rug services including appraisals, cleaning and restoration.

A functional, beautiful item that immediately enhances any room, increases in value over time and can become the new family heirloom? Now that is magical.

Medallion Rug Gallery
Aram Amid-Hozour



Locals We Love: Karen Caldwell + Give TSG as a Holiday Gift

Karen Caldwell Designs

The Boys’ and Girls’ Towns of Italy luncheon takes place Wednesday, December 10 at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. The event features a fashion show of stunning designs by Karen Caldwell, one of our favorite Napa Valley locals (and San Francisco and Marin—in addition to being a fabulous designer, Karen and her husband are the owners of Caldwell Snyder Gallery in St. Helena). Many of Karen’s designs are inspired by vintage movie stars and have done very well in modern-day Hollywood—celebrities have even worn her dresses on the red carpet. Reserve your spot at this event—we’re giving out 500 gift bags with our books in them!


Shopping Heaven Found in Menlo Park

Angela Boutique Menlo Park

If you’ve never thought of Menlo Park as a shopping destination, it’s time to think again. For one, there’s Angela. This chic women’s clothing boutique channels the best of big city brands into a relaxed local shopping experience.

Upon entering the feminine, streamlined space, you’ll immediately notice that the clothing, while classic, is all imbued with minute detailing or surprising twists—precisely what owner Angela Hensler has intended. High quality, natural fibers rule the racks at Angela, and the clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories collections consist of a fine balance between US and European designers. Think Brunello Cucinelli, Peter Cohen and Dear Cashmere. Add to this the impeccable customer service and you may find you’ve changed your tune about shopping in Menlo Park after all.

The best part? No exorbitant parking garage fees while you shop means more money to spend on your wardrobe.

Angela Menlo Park

Angela Hensler




House Hunters: Kerwin + Associates

Kerwin + Associates

Let’s play a word game. When you think of the word “boutique,” what comes to mind? Maybe a clothing store? Perhaps a chic hotel? It’s not often that you would associate said word with a real estate agent. But in the case of Kerwin + Associates, you should.
Since 1979, this boutique real estate company has been partnering with clients in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area to provide unparalleled assistance with buying and selling local homes.

Northern California is filled with unique homes and immense architectural and natural beauty, and the team at Kerwin + Associates lead their clients through the labyrinth of the real estate process from start to finish, ensuring that every need is met.

Terri Kerwin is an 18-year veteran of the real estate industry, and also has extensive knowledge of custom home construction. This combination proves powerful to enlighten clients with inside knowledge of each and every property they show. Let’s try the game again. We say boutique, you say Kerwin + Associates. Now wasn’t that fun?

Kerwin + Associates
Terri Kerwin



Why You Need Nosh Now


Click on over to the website for Nosh Boutique Catering, and the first thing you’ll think of is “that food is so cool.” Images of mini burgers, s’mores and milk and cookies mix with traditional place settings and wine glasses accompanying delectably prepared beef and fish—and all with finishing touches worthy of appearing in an art gallery.

Executive Chef Kristin Jenkins abides by the motto, “Entertaining with elegant simplicity,” and it’s a motto that ensures Nosh Boutique Catering clients are always well satisfied. Take a look at the reviews and you’ll see why Nosh is in high demand throughout the Bay Area. One major rave is about the quality and presentation of the food prepared. Fans say it’s amazing, fabulous, wonderful, perfect, delicious…and the long list of shining adjectives marches on.

Now isn’t that exactly what you want to hear from guests at your next dinner party?


Nosh Boutique Catering

Kristin Jenkins, Executive Chef