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Brand Master: David Schuemann, CF Napa Brand Design

CF Napa Brand Design

We’ve all heard the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But let’s face it: We just do. And it’s not only books that we scrutinize—the same can be said for practically everything. Whether right or wrong, it’s often the more aesthetically pleasing item that we find ourselves selecting again and again. A bottle of wine is no exception. A visually engaging label inherently draws people in, and this is precisely what David Schuemann, Owner and Creative Director at CF Napa Brand Design banks on.

CF Napa is a boutique branding company focusing exclusively on the wine, beer and spirits industry. As the head of a multiple-award winning design firm, Schuemann is continually at the forefront of creative marketing and specializes in creating the elusive brand essence for his clients. In his visually stunning coffee table book, “99 Bottles of Wine: The Making of the Contemporary Wine Label” (published by Val de Grâce in 2013 and available on Amazon), Schuemann offers a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative design of some of the world’s most preeminent wine labels.

In addition to running a world-class company and penning books about wine and branding, Schuemann has been asked to speak about his expertise at wine industry events, conferences and symposiums worldwide. The Scout Guide recently caught up with this busy entrepreneur to find out what makes him tick.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: The free wine of course! Actually, I love helping brands reach their true potential. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and helping start-ups get off on the right footing is really rewarding. Similarly, I love the challenge of helping established brands push through barriers in order to succeed in the marketplace.

Q: What are your top three favorite wine destinations?

A: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Maipo, Chilé and Tuscany, Italy.

Q: What are you reading?

A: I am voracious reader. I just finished up Unconscious Branding by Douglas Van Praet, David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell and The Ledge by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughan. I am now reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

Q: Favorite local restaurant and favorite dish there?

A: For me this is a bit like asking me to choose my favorite child, but I always find myself back at Bouchon in Yountville. I always start with the oysters of the day and salmon rillettes to share and then the mussels with pommes frites!

CF Napa Brand Design

David Schuemann




A few labels created by CF Napa: 

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.08.04 AM




Meet Dr. Eric Weiss, The Village Doctor: Old Fashioned Values for 21st Century Healthcare


To most people, the days when doctors made house calls seem like a quaint relic seen only in black and white movies. But with a recent surge in patient–centered practices dubbed concierge medicine, this ‘quaint relic’ may be the wave of the future. Enter The Village Doctor medical practice based out of Woodside.
Founded by Eric L. Weiss, MD, DTM&H, in 2004, The Village Doctor is based on the model of service that Dr. Weiss wanted his own family to receive. Imagine calling the doctor’s office and getting a same day appointment or having the doctor come right to your door when you have a sick child. These things are what Dr. Weiss envisioned and are entirely possible when your doctor cares for 250 patients as opposed to 2,500.
At The Village Doctor, a team of five physicians including Dr. Weiss, provides comprehensive medical care to discerning area residents who feel the health of their families should take precedence over the bureaucracy and ‘big business’ that insurance companies have become known for today.
You may have only seen doctors make house calls in movies…until now.

The Village Doctor
Dana Sanderson, Business Manager


Judy Sieber’s Boutique—Emily Joubert Home & Garden—is a local treasure



Since she was a little girl selling her mother’s china and pearls from a card table on the front lawn, Judy Sieber was destined to own her own boutique—thus Emily Joubert Home & Garden was born.
Emily Joubert was the name of Sieber’s grandmother, a woman she credits with finding beauty in the simple things in life. The treasure-filled boutique located in Woodside is a tribute to the matriarch and a boon for anyone who finds beauty in the curve of a wine glass, the scent of a candle or the softness of the perfect pair of silk pajamas.
Sieber wasn’t always the proprietress of Emily Joubert Home & Garden. In fact, she began her career purveying shoes to department stores. After she met her husband and they temporarily settled in Hungary, Sieber occupied her time with searching out the best local antiques to add to her collection.
Now, back in Woodside, she spends her days artfully curating the ever-growing selection on hand at Emily Joubert. Tableware, jewelry, rugs, clothing, frames and flowers spill from the space, and create a tantalizing browsing experience.
There’s no doubt, Sieber’s grandmother would have been proud.

Judy Sieber
Emily Joubert Home & Garden


In Silicon Valley, Meet the Tree Whisperer, Michael P. Young


There are some things that most of us just don’t think about on a daily basis. And unless we’re sheltering from the hot sun or raking leaves from the front lawn in autumn, trees may be one of them. But Michael P. Young, founder of Urban Tree Management has trees on the brain daily.

For over 26 years, Young has dedicated his life’s work to the management and preservation of Northern California’s beautiful landscapes. Young focused his studies on Environmental Policy, Law and Ecology and is now a certified arborist. Urban Tree Management was founded in 1995 and grew out of Young’s desire to be a responsible steward of the natural landscape around him and to inspire that desire in others.

The company specializes in land management for residential, estate, commercial and government properties, and takes great care to work with clients on the desired outcomes. Pruning, support, root excavations, planting or transplanting, plant healthcare and providing organic alternatives are all services offered by Young’s team of experts at Urban Tree Management.
Even though you may not give trees a second thought most of the time, don’t worry—that’s what Urban Tree Management is there for.

Michael P. Young
Certified Arborist #623


Elizabeth Dressel: Your Silicon Valley Guide Through Legal Land



Wills and trusts and powers of attorney, oh my! You’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy, you’ve entered the legal land of estate planning—a place where the English language often transforms into indecipherable jargon. Unless you’re working with Elizabeth Dressel, Esq. at Legacy Silicon Valley.
Legacy Silicon Valley is an estate law practice that takes pride in creating a welcoming environment meant to put clients at ease. Dressel works with clients of all ages and estates of all sizes. She loves nothing more than to work with families from the birth of the first child and assist them with their changing legal needs as the family grows and matures. Wills, trusts, charitable giving, asset protection, incapacity planning, power of attorney, estate planning and even pet trusts are services offered by Legacy Silicon Valley. 
Making important legal decisions may feel like stumbling into another land, but rest assured you have Elizabeth Dressel to guide you through it.


Elizabeth Dressel, Esq.
Legacy Silicon Valley


San Francisco’s Own Mary Poppins: Alyce Desrosiers


A little birdie told us about a delightfully named company called Chirp. This unique business based in San Francisco offers nanny placement services for Bay Area families. Founded by Alyce Desrosiers, a licensed clinical social worker and author, Chirp takes the guesswork out of hiring a child care provider and guides parents through the nanny-finding process every step of the way.
Since 1994, Desrosiers has been immersed in the local childcare scene and has authored two books about hiring a nanny and the family/nanny dynamic. It’s a wonder she has time for anything else, but Desrosiers also maintains a bustling personal life. We’ve  recently caught up with this busy lady to find out more. 

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: I am honored that parents invite me into their family life and that I have created long term relationships with them. I learn everyday from nannies and parents about how to care for young children.
Q: What is your favorite vacation spot and why? 

A: Austria for the quality of life: Wonderful friends, fantastic healthy food, great hiking, biking, swimming, sailing, skiing…and sleeping all day if I want to! 

Q: What is something surprising about you?  

A: I hold a red belt in karate and I’m practicing diligently toward my black belt.
Q: What is your favorite local restaurant and favorite dish there?   

A: Mission Beach Cafe for their burger and fries, topped off with their banana butterscotch cream pie!

Look at Alyce’s website and subscribe to her newsletter for important information and parenting tips. Her book, Nannies for Modern Moms, has all the tools and checks you need to make a good hiring decision.